From a Kitchen Remodel to Home Additions

From a Kitchen Remodel to Home Additions

McDonnell Remodeling is among the preferred home remodeling contractors in Augusta, ME

If you're ready to remodel your outdated kitchen, call McDonnell Remodeling of Augusta, Maine. Our home remodeling contractors have years of experience helping clients create their dream homes.

We'll handle your entire kitchen remodel, from floor to ceiling. We can replace cabinets, flooring and countertops. We even handle plumbing and electrical work.

Call now to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced home remodeling contractors.

We'll take on any home remodeling project

The team at McDonnell Remodeling can remodel any room in your home. After kitchens, our most common room remodels are:

  • Bathrooms: Make your bathroom more stylish and comfortable.
  • Bedrooms: Update your room's flooring, windows and more.
  • Basements: Turn your unused basement into another living space.

Start work on your kitchen remodel today by calling our Augusta, ME location.